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Portable Laptop Desk
Portable Laptop Desk
Portable Laptop Desk
Portable Laptop Desk
Portable Laptop Desk
Portable Laptop Desk

Portable Laptop Desk

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Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk

Do you do a lot of computer work while sitting on a bed or couch but are looking for an easy and comfortable way to get your work done? Or do you love working from anywhere on your laptop but end up aching and straining every time you do? Well, the solution is here--Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk!!. This laptop stand is exactly what you need to make working on your laptop more comfortable.

With the Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk, you get the perfect positioning no matter whether you are lying down, sitting, or in any position you prefer. A well-designed folding leg system that you can adjust to various positions make it ergonomic support, looking after your back and neck plus you will become more productive.



Benefits of This Portable Laptop Stand: 

 The fully adjustable legs allow you to use this laptop desk to set up your office anywhere, whether you are at your desk, laying in bed, sitting on the couch, or on the beach... it’ll make it easy and comfortable for you to work on your computer.

VERY ERGONOMIC – Sitting at your desk all day can be a strain on your body. This tray allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting in just seconds providing relief from strained backs, improved circulation and better posture.

PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM DESIGN – It can hold up to 45 lbs while weighing in at only 3.2 lbs and just 1.5” thick when collapsed, you can pick it up and go anywhere. Made from Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy this desk was built to last.

MOUSE PAD INCLUDED – The mousepad attaches to either side of the stand so that it can be used whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

ADJUSTABLE LEGS - The Laptop Desk legs can be adjusted into many different configurations and to whatever height is most comfortable for you.

The Laptop Desk can be used as a Breakfast Tray, Standing Desk, Book Tray, Writing Desk, Tablet Holder, Stand-Up Desk, Gaming Table, Notebook Stand, Keyboard Lift, Laptop Tray, Keyboard Riser, Foldable Laptop Desk, Cooling Pad, Computer Stand for Laptop, Folding Tray Table, Standing Desk Converter, Laptop Base, Ergonomic Laptop Riser, Desk Raiser, Laptop Holder or however you wish to use it!

Product Specifications

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS Plastic
Adjustable Height Range: 48 Cm
Adjustable Angle: 0-360 Degree
Panel Dimension: 42x26 Cm
Folded Dimension: 53x26x4 Cm
Weight: 1.4 Kg


Package Includes

1 x Portable Laptop Computer Desk with Mouse Pad


1. The measurements were done by hand, so there may be errors within 1-2cm or 1-5g.
2. Factors such as lighting, contrast, and color display can cause the photos to look slightly different, this is not indicative of any product quality issues.
3. The size is based on the actual measurements. We may enlarge the pictures just to display details better.

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